Your gateway to the art world

We are a full-service art advisory firm located in New York, Miami, London and Hong Kong. We save our private and corporate clients time and money and we reduce their transactional risk by guiding them through the opaque international art market. We are a best-in-class firm with professional standards: we understand the need for discretion, we are transparent on pricing and we avoid conflicts of interest (i.e. we will never operate on two sides of one transaction).

We provide our clients with transactional advice and art management services, whether in-house or outsourced through our international network of partners. We view strong art management practices as an essential component in the protection of our client’s assets: managing a collection of art cost-effectively will maintain and enhance value and condition. As a result of the financial, legal and tax consequences that the acquisition, ownership and disposal of high-value art assets brings with it we often work with our clients’ wealth managers, family offices, trusts and estates lawyers and accountants.


We source artworks, conduct due diligence and price research and negotiate the transaction on your behalf. We ensure that the work gets delivered safely to your home or office.


We help you to find the most appropriate sales channel and work with your trust and estate attorney or wealth manager to maximise your financial result.


We assist you with all aspects of art asset management, from cataloguing to insurance and appraisals to training administrators and transport in order to maintain the value of your art collection.